Where is Munster, Indiana Located?

Munster, Indiana is located in Lake County, a county situated in the northwestern part of the United States. The county seat is Crown Point and it is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. It is a mix of urban, suburban and rural areas, and is 24 miles south of the Loop. In 1850, most of the area that would become Munster was covered by Cady Marsh or was seasonally flooded by the Little Calumet River.

Native Americans, most recently the Potawatomi, had lived in the area for centuries due to its abundance of fish, wildlife and migratory birds. After 1840, a number of Euro-American families moved to the area and set up homes. A rambling wooden structure along Ridge Road served as an inn for travelers from 1845 onwards. Munster is located at 41°33'52 N 87°30'45 W (41.5644800, -87.5125400).

According to census records, Munster's population has decreased by 4.98% in 10 years. Notable people born in Munster include swimmer Jeff Lee, businessman Joe Mansueto and soccer player Ryan McMahen. There are also a number of colleges and universities near Munster, as well as Amtrak and bus stations. Cities, towns, neighborhoods and other populated places in Lake County can also be found nearby.

The distances from Munster to the biggest cities in Indiana are as follows:.

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